Ayurveda Packages in India


Ayurveda is the ancient medical science of India. Recently the Ayurvedic philosophy of mind, body, soul balance has found a large following. Kerala Ayurveda packages satisfy this demand, but what exactly do they really do? Let’s find out. In Indian mythology Dhanwantari, the physician of Gods, is believed to be …

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Theyyam – Sacred Art of Kerala


Origins of Theyyam, Theyyam And The Gods, Theyyam – The Art Form, When and Where to Experience Theyyam? Theyyam – Sacred Art of Kerala Frightening, captivating and cathartic Theyyam is an art of Kerala with more than thousand years of history attached to it. A ritual dance Theyyam is an …

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Ten Best Tourist Places in Kerala


  Ten Best Tourist Places in Kerala There’s no dearth of tourist places in God’s Own Country, but are you sure which of these spots you want to visit? To help you from wasting hours looking for your dream destination we have compiled a list of the ten best tourist …

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