Cuisine of Kerala


Cuisine of Kerala is marked by a variety that is unheard of within the same state. The influence of all its communities can be seen in the food of Kerala.

From delicate Appam and Meen Moilee to fiery Meen Kari and to crunchy popadams, banana chips and jackfruit chips, to sweet milky payyasam, Kerala’s cuisine covers a wide spectrum of tastes, textures and smells.

Specific to North-Kerala are delicacies such as Pathiri, Porotta, and the famous Thalasseri Biryani. These dishes were influenced by the Moppilah community in North-Kerala. Apart from these, there are the seafood based specialities of the area such as Arikkadukka, and Kallummakkaya Fry. Sweet dishes include Unnakkaya, Muttamala, and Chattipathiri.

Taste these delicacies from where they originated.

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